Anna Eijsbouts


Anna Eijsbouts is a director of slightly odd short animated films, the programmer for the Kaboom Animation Festival’s experimental screenings, a lecturer at the Utrecht School of the Arts and a board member for DAMD, the Dutch Union for Animators and Motion Designers. She graduated with an MA in Animation from the Royal College of Art in 2012 with her film Tired of Swimming, which went on to win several awards, and more recently animated to Neil Gaiman’s poem Hate for Sale for the Visible Poetry Project, which also travelled the globe and won awards at festivals such as the Hiroshima Animation Festival, the Zebra Poetry Film Festival and Weimar’s Poetry Film Tage. Her short films vary from small but detailed character studies in the peculiarly personal genre to ones she hopes will somehow change the world. She fills the time she isn’t working on personal projects with whatever commercial work might fold itself around those, with travels, and with many an hour on the dance floor.

Nora Fleischer


Nora Fleischer studied communication studies, politics and law in Dresden and Paris. During and after that, she made regular professional excursions into event management and private cinema. As a director’s and production assistant, she made her contribution to the Leipzig off-theatre scene and to central German film productions. She was a freelance copywriter, and for the past five years, she has been the film and programme coordinator of the ‘Kurzsuechtig – Mitteldeutsches Kurzfilmfestival’ (Kuerzsuechtig – Central German Short Film Festival) in Leipzig.

Moritz Gause


Born 1986 in Berlin. Studied art history and literary studies in Jena. 2009-2015 conception and implementation of literary projects, reading series, literary workshops, exihibitions and interventions in Thuringia. 2015-2017 work stay in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Since 2017 back in Berlin.

Awards (selection): hr2-Literaturpreis (2011), Walter-Dexel-Stipendium der Stadt Jena (2012), Arbeitsstipendium des Freistaates Thüringen (2013), Finalist beim Literarischen März Darmstadt (2021). Publications (selection): Cahn-Ingold-Prelog-Konvention (Weimar 2012); Rostock, Grand Café (Poetryfilm, Director: Su Arnold, D 2014); Blue Monday (Berlin 2015); Meditationen hinterm Supermarkt (Dresden 2018)

Foto: Sascha Kokot