Jury 2024

Sarah Tremlett


Sarah Tremlett is a prize-winning poetry filmmaker, poet and theorist and director and editor of Liberated Words online. She co-ran Liberated Words poetry film festival from 2012–16. Exhibitor and key speaker at Tom Konyves’ Poets with a Video Camera exhibition, Surrey, Vancouver (2022), she is a juror and curator at festivals; most recently The International Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia, Germany, 2024; Women in Word Festival, Cornwall, UK 2023/24; FOTOGENIA, Mexico City and REELpoetry, Houston, and has given numerous talks, readings and screenings on the subject worldwide, such as Vancouver & San Francisco, 2022. Her publication The Poetics of Poetry Film (Intellect Books UK, 2021) has been described as ‘‘A ground-breaking, encyclopaedic work, and an industry Bible’.
She also has a chapter on Voice and New Narrative frameworks in Intermedial Art Practices as Cultural Resilience (Routledge, 2024). Sarah runs a family history poetry film project, and inaugurated the Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow ekphrastic poetry film screening and prize, which she presented at FOTOGENIA, Mexico City, 2023. Published by Poem Film Editions through Liberated Words, the accompanying innovative bilingual publication Frame to Frames: Your Eyes Follow includes the poems, stills and artists’ details, along with a QR link to all the films in the screening.

Rike Bolte


Rike Bolte (born 1971) holds a doctorate in literature and cultural studies and teaches Latin American, Spanish and Francophone literatures, most recently for several years in Colombia. She has organized several seminars and workshops on poetry films. She is co-founder and curator of the mobile Latin American poetry festival “Latinale” and translator from Spanish and French. As a translator, she was awarded the HKW International Literature Prize.
She is also a poet who writes in Spanish.

Pierre Guiho


After studying french literature (in Nantes) and direction and editing (in Paris), Pierre Guiho co-directs a first short film (Jamin, 1989), and then contributes to the writing of two TV films between 1995 and 1996. In 1997, he is the co-winner of a contest made for the production of ten short films, L’@mour est a réinventer with the screenplay Pregnant or lesbian. Then, he moves away from cinema for a while by working as a graphic designer.

He reconnects in 2007 with the creation of a cinema critic blog, next to the activity of editor for a cultural website. Since 2019, he works aside Antony Hickling on several projects of writing. One of them, Down in Paris, shot in 2020, is awarded at the Reeling Film Festival of Chicago. In 2021, he directs his first short film on his own, Fabien, auxiliaire de vie (winner of the 8th Weimar poetry Film Award 2023).