Bauhaus Poetry Shorts

Combining lyrical texts and moving images, especially animation, is of particular significance to the teaching at the Multimedia Narration at the Bauhaus University Weimar. In the last six years, many poetry films have been created, a large part of them in connection with the project “lab/p – poetry in motion” initiated by Ostpol e.V.


Animator & Author: Meng Chan

Germany 2014, 03:22 min

I consider this animation a portrait film of myself, an individual viewpoint. The title is “unterwegs” – it’s not the recording of a linear trip but more like a self confession. It can be also said, it presents my current life status, how did I think about feelings, views, and values.

Downtown Billy

Animator: Karim Eich

Germany, 1:31 min

This is my interpretation of Charles Bukowski´s “Downtown Billy”
The Video is 3D, done in Blender

Love in 9 Postcards around the World

Animator & Author: Ana María Vallejo

Germany 2015, 8:00 min

Ese is a journalist and has to travel due to work. Meanwhile, Ele (her partner) stays at home with his plants and his work as a biologist as company. In her absence, they correspond with postcards and, between Ese’s enthusiasm for her travels and Ele’s nostalgia, their correspondence comes to embody their love, which is inevitably transformed with time and distance.

Scharniere (Hinge)

Animator: Jonathan-David Wedler

Author: Magdalena Kotzurek

Germany 2017, 09:00 min

Who can remember the quirks we had as children? Do adults remember how quirks could be linked to fears and compulsions? Or … maybe we never discarded them?


Animator: Jinghui Gao

Germany 2018: 02:10

I was inspired by the poem “Nostalgia,” written by the Chinese poet Yu Guangzhong. Homesickness is a feeling that has always accompanied us in our growth. The things we missed change over time. This animation is based on my experience of homesickness. Blue is the color of the things I have missed.

kaspar hauserin

Animator: Nelly Guseynova

Author: Katia S. Ditzler

Germany 2014, 04:56 min

The acquisition of language and the arrangement with the imperfection. Monotonous sing-song counteracted by expressive images. Symbolic images appear. Forms represent innner and outer worlds –both inextricably linked but filled with inherent resistance. Various forms and their transformation symbolise ideas and the soul, as well as madness and dissociation.


Animator: Olga Fomina

Text: Claudius Spelten

Germany 2013, 1:15 min

The piece “Schweigen” is part of the radio play “Osaka 12 – Worte wachsen im Kopf”. It is about perhaps the most complex way of communicating – silence. In the miniature, which lasts just one minute, a short text based on Japanese haiku poetry opens up a space that is picked up and filled by music.


Animator: Juliane Franke

Author: Anne Oltscher

Germany 2017, 5:05 min

Evergreen – A place where reality moves more slowly, where we are able to black out that the objects beyond are in a constant state of change. I shall remain there until it no longer feels like fleeing.


Differences of opinion

Animator: Clàudia Villagrasa Pallarès

Author: Wendy Cope

Germany 2019, 1:31 min

A married couple argues about their personal vision of the world. Will they agree on a common perception?


Animator: Damaris Zielke

Author: Peter Thiers

Germany 2014, 07:04 min

A cold day‘s experience becomes a recurring nightmare, etching a young person‘s soul unpredictably. A rising echo, resonating through generations.

South Beach

Animator: Luise Bollmann

Author: Hubert Schirneck

Germany 2016, 03:33 min

With his poetry series “Description of a Corner” Hubert Schirneck tried to sketch the everyday life in a central place in weimar using words. The short animation connects his metaphoric descriptions with own observations of Weimar´s everyday life also apart from the touristic center. The poem is read by the voices of different inhabitants and visitors of the town

Thy image is unsteady like a terror

Animator: Anna Ryzhkova

Author: Osip Mandelstam

Germany 2020, 01:00

An interpretation of Osip Mandelstam`s poem about the possibility of capturing a memory and immersing in it once more for just a moment, before it vanishes completely.

kanten deiner augen (Edges of your Eyes)

Animator: Melissa Harms

Author: Yevgeniy Breyger

Germany 2014, 04:00 min

Gaps in the fog allow a look inside:  A foreign environment, observing trees and falling birds.  Poetry in motion.

Bauhaus bleibt Blaupaus

Director: Martin Kolb

Germany 2020, 01:50 min.

Beschreibung meiner Ecke (Description of my corner)

Animator: Rika Tarigan

Author: Hubert Schirneck

Germany 2016, 2:00 min

Based on the 9th paragraph of Hubert Schirneck’s poetry / word sketches about the city of Weimar Beschreibung einer Ecke, the director tries to animate the cliche of daily life in a non-sense manner and the personal crisis of the constant presence of emptiness in every side of every town.

Das Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild in dem Bild

Animator: Catalina Giraldo Vélez

Author: Marlen Pelny

Germany 2014, 04:24 min

The Picture in the Picture in the Picture in the Picture
To observe one‘s own memory. Drawers open with stored reminders of the past; memories that we are continually looking for, removing, or archiving away again. We open a book that might be the book of our lives. The picture in the picture in the picture in the picture is a metaphor for memory and the nostalgia of forgotten times.


Animator: Lucia Schmidt

Author: Thomás González

Germany 2019, 02:00min

A poem by the Colombian author Tomás González takes us beyond civilization, to places that are only inhabited by frogs, birds and crickets.

Wer hat auf den Knopf gedrückt?

Animator: Jakob Reiniger

Germany 2018, 00:43

Gedrückt auf Zelluloid