German Language Poetry Films

The program presents a selection of films in German and underscores the importance that poetry film has gained in the short film genre.

In Zwickau once more

In Zwickau once more

Director: Jakob Kirchheim

Author: Joachim Ringelnatz

Germany 2022, 3:40

Ringelnatz‘ poem introduces us to the worlds of a hospital and of ravens or crows.



Director & Author: Vera Sebert

Austria 2021, 1:57

Here lie the leaden bones of the signs. The crumbling rubble of shattered contexts buries their coded limbs beneath the inert substrate of an image figure.

Fernando Pessoa: Das Buch der Unruhe. Long Story Short

Fernando Pessoa: Das Buch der Unruhe. Long Story Short

Directors: Johanna Springer, Ramón Springer

Author: José A. Oliver

Germany 2021, 8:59

Pessoa wrote all lives simultaneously. As (supposedly) other. As Álvaro de Campos, Ricardo Reis, Alberto Caeiro, Bernardo Soares … a labyrinth of names, probably not all published yet. Our film follows Pessoa along the identities, the years and through the legendary “Book of Unrest”.

Monolog für einen Auserwählten

Monolog für einen Auserwählten

Director: Christian Deusel

Author: Nora Gomringer

Germany 2021, 8:26

Noah – the one human being who had been warned of the great flood. The singled-out status, this being chosen and loved by God is wonder and torment alike.



Director: Daniel Simair

Author: Michael Fritsch

Austria 2021, 3:54

From dawn to sunrise.
That’s where we want to go.
From no man’s land to nowhere.
Further along the road.



Director: Kira Bosenius

Author: Maximilian Karakatsanis

Germany 2022, 0:53

The short animation video interprets the poem “Reminder” by Maximiliam Karakatsanis. It concentrates on the feeling of ease, which appears every now and then, but we tend to forget.

Vernichtung / Annihilation

Vernichtung (Annihilation)

Director: Beate Gördes

Author: August Stramm (1874–1915)

Germany 2021, 1:40

This poem triggered me spontaneously because of the linguistic rhythm. It intensifies the feeling of horror which is evoked by the subject of violence and war. The haunting voice of Hokuspokus (Libri-Vox) compresses the theme even more. Last year, when I created this video, I had not guessed how topical and real this motif will be this year (2022) regarding the Ukraine war.



Director & Author: Fiona Charlotte Kastrop

Germany 2021, 7:32

“Windberg” tells stories of the pandemics first year as seen from a small mountain top in Thuringia, Germany.