German Language Poetry Films

The program presents a selection of films in German and underscores the importance that poetry film has gained in the short film genre.



Direction & Text: Joanna Maxellon

Germany 2023, 3:40 min

“S.he” is based on a poem by Claudia Spanhel and deals with memories of a future that has not yet happened, a story of dystopian future plans and lost utopias. A report from the ages of the Anthropocene.

Film Still MyRootsAndI_Adrian Lindenthal

My Roots and I

Direction: Adrian Lindenthal

Austria 2022, 9:59 min

The documentary short film “My roots and I” is an attempt to portray the author Hamed Abboud and accompanies him in his thoughts, which are expressed through spontaneous conversations and excerpts from a poem written by him.

Film Still A-CurbstoneRendezvouz

A Curbstone Rendezvouz

Direction: Daniel Simair

Text: Daniel Simair & Michael Fritsch

Austria 2023, 5:00 min

Two curbstones watch the world go by.

Spoken by Judith Altenberger and Michael Fritsch.

Film Still Alles ist an der richtigen Stelle - Kevin Schulzbus

Everything is in the right place

Direction & Text: Kevin Schulzbus

Germany 2023, 2:05 min

Everything is in the right place is an attempt to visualize my feelings and experiences that I have had throughout my life on the streets of Berlin.

Film Still neulich_im_bus_BeateGoerdes

the other day on the bus

Direction: Beate Gördes

Text: Adrienne Brehmer

A poetry-film based on the text “the other day on the bus” from “Larks outside the window” by Adrienne Brehmer

There's Always Something

Direction: Philipp Johann

Text: Micha Kunze

Germany 2021, 4:52 min

„There’s Always Something“ is a poem about getting lost in the own head. About missing understanding, about inner struggles, about pain that hits so hard, that the lyrical I almost drowns in it. A poem about depression. It’s like an inventory of the feelings of a person who just hit rock bottom – and doesn’t even know it yet.

film still Mariola Brillowska_Wann Hast Du Das Letzte Mal Blumen Betrachtet

When was the last time you looked at flowers

Animation: Mariola Brillowska

Germany 2022, 2:03 min

When did you last look at flowers | When did you watch your cat in peace | As it disappears behind the red and green chequered ceiling | From Miami | When did you think of the parties in Miami Beach| About the carcass of the baby shark | That you saw lying on the beach | After the swimming at dawn |

Film Still sturmnacht_Holger Mohaupt

Blätter aus einer Sturmnacht

Direction: Holger Mohaupt

Text: inspired by Rainer Maria Rilke

UK 2021, 3:30 min

I carried Rilke and his poems in my mind since I first came across him in my German classes at High School. I enjoy being engulfed by his often sadly melancholic descriptions and his dreamlike observations. My film is a tribute to the the spoken and written word, which often doesn’t require any images.

Spoken by Anna Lehr.

Film Still laufenlernen-Lucas Dülligen

laufen lernen

Direction & Text: Lucas Dülligen

Germany 2022, 5:00 min

As a child, we live in a carefree timelessness. But this, too, passes, and the person who grows up is increasingly confronted with temporal limitations.

Film Still heimlich_Lisa Reutelsterz


Direction: Lisa Reutelsterz

Text: Rainer Maria Rilke

Germany 2022, 3:53min

A shadowy figure returns home from a desolate cityscape. The television is blaring, a collapse into the bottomless pit. A new interpretation of Rilke’s “Mir ist als ob ich alles Licht verlöre”.

Film Still panther_Serge Goldwicht

Der Panther

Direction: Serge Goldwicht

Belgium 2022, 1:40 min

A panther, in a cage. It looks at the world behind bars and the bars become his world. Everything dissolves, disappears… its strength, its will and finally even its being.