German Language Poetry Films

The program presents an additional selection of German-speaking movies and underscores the importance poetry film has gained in the short film world.



Director: Anna-Lena Ponath

Author: Michael Ende

Germany & Swiss 2021, 4:27 min

From early on, Silke followed her dreams. As a talented circus artist, she inspired her audiences at all times. Her passion becomes evident in EUDAIMONIA. Silke’s discipline as well as her willpower are literally able to move mountains.
Michael Ende: „Der Traum vom Fliegen”, from: Trödelmarkt der Träume. hockebooks GmbH



Director: Joanna Maxellon

Author: Joanna Maxellon & Nora Gomringer

Germany 2021, 6:00 min

“M.e” is based on the poem “Monster und Mädchen” by Nora Gomringer and asks the question of the definable gender identity of women. The cruelty with which we submit to social norms and only live as alienated bodies contrasts our feelings with this appropriation The recurring question about the “I” ultimately remains unanswered, alone and isolated, as a justification in front of a male observer. A surrender? Or a strategy of survival?


Z für Zeppelin (Z for Zeppelin)

Director & Author: Lea Dalfen

Austria 2021, 2:45 min

In “Z for Zeppelin”, the filmmaker’s ever-tangible presence mirrors in spoken words and layered images, creating a balance of heaviness and ease.


Director & Author: Gina Wenzel

Germany 2020, 2:46 min

Portrait of a generation struggling with feelings of numbness and powerlessness in times of Corona.


Worte an eine junge Frau (Words spoken to a young woman)

Director & Author: Linda Verweyen

Germany 2020, 1:30 min

A visual display of a poem about the words, young women are told as advice. Bringing together contrasting elements of voice, picture and matter in an experimental format.


Wir sind Kunst. Wir sind Kultur (‚We are art. We are culture’)

Directors & Authors: Amy Rose Sander, Jana Münster, Sophia Münster, Anna Leah Bolln, Lina Neumann, Nadine Habash, Sinan Kleb

Germany 2020, 3:22 min

Imagine the state continues to neglect artists in the wake of the Corona crisis. Imagine what it would be like to live in a world without art.


Director & Author: Nils Mohl

Germany 2020, 2:35 min

“anton” is entirely made up of alliterations. Its aim is to put emphasis on the monotony, the constant repetition of life. The illustration by Katharina Greve is minimalistic.



gelb (yellow)

Director & Author: Küsti Fraun

Germany 2021, 3:14 min

Concretely constructive criticism of constructivism

Tetrisgedanken (‚Tetris Thoughts’)

Director & Author: Claudia Kohlus

Germany 2019, 2:08 min

“Tetrisgedanken” reveals the fragility of life, the loss of realities, and the helpless search for a new orientation, inside as well as outside.


Vom Nutzen der gewonnenen Zeit (Is there benefit in gained time?)

Director: Lilith Häßle & Linn Reusse

Author: Lilith Häßle

Germany 2021, 3:08 min

A fictional conversation with the world situation of the first lockdown in 2020.

Who am I if I am currently unable to practice my calling as an actress?


Amsels zungengedicht    

Animation & Author: Christina Stark    

Germany 2021, 2:50 min

blackbird tongueverse looks at the way we speak in its most basic form.

The 4-voices sound-poem is animated as a transcription of tongue movements.



Der Zusammenhang (‚Connection’)

Director & Author: Gundi Feyrer    

Austria 2018, 2:15 min

I dreamt: Heaven, did it exist before me and my face or did maybe I exist before heaven? Did it exist out of me or maybe only in my eye and in the middle of my face? I had lost orientation and asked myself if there existed any relation at all, between heaven and me…


Apfelmus (‚Apple purée’)

Director & Author: Alexander Gratzer

Austria 2019, 6:51 min

While two birds talk about their existence, a small apple makes its way into the depths of a cave under watchful eyes.


Leipzig, October 9 - No Violence

Director: Milton Kam     

Author: Ralph Grüneberger

The Netherlands 2021, 7:44 min

Leipzig, October 9 – No Violence (Leipzig 9 Oktober 1989 Keine Gewalt) is a visual ode to the city of Leipzig, based on two poems by Ralph Grüneberger, ‘Leipzig, 9. Oktober’ and ‘1989, Leipzig: Keine Gewalt’.

The central theme of this short visual poem is the Peaceful Revolution, which began in Leipz︎ig and eventually led to the fall of the Berlin Wall and German re-unification. It is based on two poems by Ralph Grü︎neberger, from his poetry book titled “Mit Mick Jagger in Plagwit︎z. Leipz︎ig poems” (Edition kunst & dichtung, Leipz︎ig 2015).