New Talents

We are highlighting works produced within study programmes where the poetry film genre has gained ground to experiment and explore the interplay between image and text. The selection is characterized by the freshness and curiosity of new talent, freely exploring the genre and exploiting all its potential.


Screening and Q&A
Sat. 1.06.2024, 3 pm

at Lichthaus cinema (am Kirschberg, 4)


*The playlist will be online from 31 May to 15 June. You’ll receive the password when your ticket is purchased.
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My Happy Place

Direction & Text: Ron Vodovozov

Germany 2024, 5:30 min

(Hochschule Rhein MainWiesbaden)

A Turkish man, who feels stuck in life, decides to break the monotony by buying a plastic chair at an auction. The chair enables him to reflect on his (now) former life, while slowly reaching a meditative state. By just sitting there and observing the world, he starts seeing things he didn’t notice before. Finally he reaches a transcendent state, leaving behind consciousness itself.


Direction & Text: Karlijn Reynaerts

Belgium 2023, 3:05 min

(LUCA School of Arts Brüssel)

“Derailed,” by Karlijn Reynaerts, takes viewers on a disorienting journey through the fragmented reality of someone with hypersensitivity (HSP). Slit scan and scanography techniques create a warped world reflecting the character’s struggle. Distorted visuals and sounds depict the overwhelming sensory experience of HSP, leaving viewers with a newfound empathy.

I Would Like to Live on the Moon

Direction & Text: Emily Burke

UK 2023, 2:13 min

(University of Central Lancashire)

A young non-binary person feels overwhelmed and wants to escape – literally, to the moon.

The Front(lines)

Direction & Text: Aurora Borealis

Switzerland 2023, 4:30 min

A documentary about the insights gained by an inexperienced filmmaker on a trip to Ukraine in May 2022. For the first time in the role of an investigative journalist, she travels to the war zone in and around Kyiv with a small NGO. In this short video collage, she describes in the form of the “spoken word” the unforeseen dynamic between the people and the conditions in this region. Both the NGO team and the entire film crew are made up solely of women.

The sun is a cine-eye

Direction: Lukas Serwir

Text: Samuel Beckett

Belgium 2023, 8:14 min

(LUCA School of Arts Brüssel)

Through a poem by Samuel Beckett, this video poem explores the modern subject as it is engulfed by contemporary audiovisual technology. A bare eye unable to close itself, the main character of the film, is stuck in itself as video. It looks for an outside, for ‘something there’. Yet it finds only the anxiety of naked immanence, of a universe without hiddenness – pure all-encompassing visibility and synchronicity. Consciousness dissolves in pure, total light ray: the limit point of contemporary audiovisual technology.


Direction & Text: Rui Nacumbize Namagua

Germany 2023, 5:00 min

(Universität der Künste Bremen)

BLACK is but one of many words with the same meaning, Nothingness and We are Its Children.


Direction & Text: Hsiao Pei Kao

Germany 2024, 5:40 min

(Bauhaus-Universität Weimar)

In the realm of shadows and ink, an aged veteran weaves his essence into a somber death poem. With each stroke of his pen, he bids farewell to the mortal coil, surrendering to the eternal embrace of his faded identity’s ultimate dissolution. A parting moment heralds the dawn of a resilient spirit as the journey draws to its close.


Direction & Text: Djoana Weimann

Germany 2023, 4:34 min

(Hochschule für bildende Künste Hamburg)

Thomas has 12 hours to put his love into words. He writes love letter after love letter to Christine. Shortly before shift change, he makes up his mind, no one should ever see what he has put down on paper during the late hours. Surprisingly Christine finds the folder with all his hidden letters to her and text him a message back…will Christine return Thomas’ love?

Timeless Time

Direction & Text: Apostolis Gkanatsios

Greece 2023, 5:44 min

Timeless Time is a short film based on the poem “Timeless Time” of the poetry collection Seeking of the soul / 42. Delving into the intricate fabric of time itself, the film explores the intricate dance between the passage of time and the human experience, showcasing how the relentless rhythm of daily routines impacts our lives in profound ways. Set against the backdrop of a bustling cityscape, “Timeless Time” weaves a tapestry of emotions and reflections, inviting viewers on a poignant journey through the labyrinth of existence.