Official Selection

Award ceremony in the Lichthaus cinema

Music: Ampersand (Weimar)
Moderation: Cathy de Haan (Leipzig)
Location: Lichthaus cinema in the streetcar depot (room 3), Am Kirschberg 4
Duration: 6 pm – 9 pm

Nominated for the 7th Weimar Poetry Film Award in the category “Best Video” are …


Jangan Lupa

Regie: Jeremy Flohr

Text: Robin Block

Netherlands 2021, 3:36 min

“JANGAN LUPA” (“do not forget”) refers to an integration booklet for people that came to the Netherlands after the Indonesian independence. This video gives voice, sound and movement to the search for belonging, wherever you are.



Regie u. Text: Sebald van der Waal

Netherlands 2021, 5:59 min

A short experimental film about a plant, that tells a story of lost love through the Korean poem “Azaleas” by Kim Sowol.



Regie: Betina Kuntzsch

Text: Kathrin Schmidt

Germany 2021, 3:00 min

Helplessness rubs along the surface. Dark foreboding. The snow alone makes the monument look fresh, perhaps even friendly for a moment. Time has left its furrows on petrified skin. Preserved past we cannot easily escape.



Regie: Eva Matz u. Jonas Schmieta

Text: Eva Matz

Germany 2021, 3:22 min

We need to talk about blood.
 She has been accompanied by severe pain, cramps and fainting spells since the beginning of her period. She is imprisoned and dominated by her pain, from which she tries to free herself. She looks for help, in medicine, she looks for understanding, but she finds neither. Thrown back on herself, she makes visible that which is so often looked away. She shows her blood and her pain. She shows herself vulnerable and struggling.



Regie: Hanna Gruber

Text: Lena Rose

Austria 2022, 2:38 min

“JUST A LITTLE” is an internal discourse, a fragile poem, an honest insight. It creates a space where contemplation of one’s life and death are allowed to exist as part of our journey.


For a loved one

Regie u. Text Sami Ala

Finnland 2022, 2:19 min

I wanted to equate the failure of an athlete with the failure of a love affair. The perspective is ironic. As if love were an achievement. No relationship.


Odyssée, Ode to the City

Regie: Jihad Saade

Text: Corinne Boulad / Sandra Arslanian

Lebanon 2021, 7:07 min

Beirut 2020. “Odyssey” is a journey that you do when you decide to stay against all odds. An act of resistance, a bottle thrown at sea which holds within our transmuted pain. Through a few lines, a few notes, to unfurl the hope of better tomorrows …