Official Selection

The program committee nominated 12 short films for the “Weimar Poetry Film Award”. The selected works arrived from Nepal, UK, Portugal, Mexico, Austria, Norway and Germany. The international jury, consisting of Anna Eijsbouts, Nora Fleischer, and Moritz Gause, will award the two main prizes of 1200 Euro each for the best animated film and the best live-action film.

I See My World Shaking

Director: Stephan Bookas

Author: Yuyutsu Sharma

Nepal 2021, 4:11 min

A documentary poem set during the aftermath of the Nepal earthquakes, illustrating the resilience, strength and capacity to move forward of the Nepalese people.

that if we go into the desert | dass wenn wir in die wüste gehen

Director & Author: Katia Sophia Ditzler

Germany 2020, 05:28 min

2 1/2 hours of butoh performance about spirituality accelerated to 5 minutes so you won’t waste any time.

Actresses in overalls: Jennifer Juba, Tania Aba, Yidi Tsao
Poem, Video, Music, Performance: Katia Sophia Ditzler

In the Bags of Strangers

Director & Author: Raaed Al kour

Germany 2020, 08:35 min

A Syrian poet lives in Exil and writes Poems in order to show support to the Revolution in his country as well as the reflection of the Revolution in his written literature.

The posh mums are boxing in the square

Director: Helmie Stil

Author: Wayne Holloway-Smith

United Kingdom 2021, 02:52 min

A short underwater film poem about a mother reimagined into life and given boxing gloves to fight off cancer. The film is based on the poem by Wayne Holloway-Smith.


Director & Author: Simon Gerbaud

Mexico 2021, 07:05 min

Misunderstanding of the / movement, furious / joy / The crafty medulla / flew without head. Stammering of the / disappearance, comfort / of the touch / Everything is good / Good.


Director & Author: Eduardo Brito

Portugal 2020, 06:15 min

Between the northernmost city in the world, on a long polar night, and a foggy summer morning in the south, a dream, with all of its doubts, takes place.

Verse von der Winterkampagne des Jahres 1980 (Verses on the Winter Campaign 1980 )

Directors: Rene Reinhardt & Thadeusz Tischbein

Germany 2021, 05:36 min

The excerpt from a poem by the Russian-American Nobel laureate Joseph Brodsky captures the Soviet empire of the 1980s. It’s a metaphorical reckoning with a technocratic regime and a nightmarish illustration of war.

Anleitung zum Lachen auf Abstand (Guidance on Laughing at a Distance)

Director: Sascha Conrad

Author: Ulrike Almut Sandig

Germany 2021, 04:53 min

It’s Lynn’s birthday, but noone pops in, not even her parents. An online baking tutorial promises happiness, so why not try out? Indeed Lynn feels much better. But is it still Lynn anyway?
A poetryfilm on the challenges of isolation and the false promises of salvation. Based on a poem by the German poet Ulrike Almut Sandig, translated into music and film by her art collective Landschaft.
No matter how distanced you feel these days, don’t forget to laugh. Or smile. Even in despair.



Director: Alex Goddard

United Kingdom 2021, 02:10 min

A young man contemplates his final resting place in a world where our encounters and interactions are more and more digital.

6 lies have short legs

Director & Author: Mariola Brillowska

Germany 2021, 04:16

The text for this film was developed unscripted. The six spoken ‘lies’ for the film were audio-recorded and assembled by way of association, following the principle of automatic thinking. Once the six ‘lies’ were clearly delineated, I illustrated them deploying sections of animations. The animations are based on the communication between the left and right sides of my brain, each simultaneously negotiating within itself.

## the spark

Director & Author: Jörg Piringer

Austria 2021, 9:39 min

it starts small
it always starts small
a single cell maybe
a solitary cell maybe
a single case maybe

The Zolle suite: Resign

Director: Kristian Pedersen

Author: Du Yun

Norway 2021, 07:01 min

A deceased woman in limbo between memory and reality, between the worlds of the living and the dead.