Peter Bövings “Klötzchenkino”

“Klötzchenkino” (brick cinema) stands for artivist short film productions, focusing on poetry film, AnimaDok & music film. With over 40 international film awards to date, Peter Böving is constantly capturing the world of animated film. Once he made the jump to the Berlinale. The program shows a selection from his award-winning work. Read more:

essen – Stück mit Aufblick

Animation: Peter Böving

Author: Ernst Jandl

Germany 2013, 10:20 min

Eating – piece with up eye view

In a pathology, an overweight woman’s body is pulled from the freezer compartment and laid out for autopsy. At the same time, sound poetry by Ernst Jandl becomes visible, its meaning not being immediately apparent.  When the autopsy finally begins, Jandl’s poem can be experienced not only in sound and meaning; its wit is also concisely dissected. Peter Böving goes a step further and elicits from this poem a comprehensive criminal case – perceptive and bizarre!


Animation: Peter Böving

Author: Marie Nimier

Germany, 4:05 min 

A takeaway becomes the setting for a lyrical performance about potato consumption. While the German’s ‘favorite tuber’ is sung about in all its forms, a controversy emerges in the background. A stop-motion parable about what is on everyone’s lips – and yet rarely gets stuck in their throat.

Gott ist schon weg

Animation & Text: Peter Böving

Germany 2018, 10 min

From the duck’s bird’ s-eye view, a centuries-old settlement history is described. While the pond’s water level continues to sink, the water gradually rises to the inhabitants’ necks. In the end, no (Lego) stone remains on the other; only the goose does not suspect anything bad…

der und die

Animation: Peter Böving

Author: Ernst Jandl

Germany 2019, 9:35 min

A love poem by Ernst Jandl is the basis for a musical `Tête-à-tête` between a woman from Dresden and a Martian. Quickly, a roaring love scene in a rental car occurs, which ends in complete chaos caused by a violent Monday demonstration.


Director, Camera, Editor: Peter Böving

Author: Maria Antonia Schmidt

Germany, 6:45 min.

A lyric illustrating decay is carried by fragile images and the vulnerable voice of Maria Antonia Schmidt. The almost imperceptible alienation of a studio concert by three musicians is a soulful time document amid this pandemic.


BONUS MATERIAL- Viralfilme 2006–2007

Director: Peter Böving

Germany 2006–2007, 9:53 min

Coming from the music business, Peter Böving applied to a Cologne agency with his first self-made (music) video. For this agency alone, he produced 22 viral advertising videos in 2 years. Many of the clients for viral videos were top companies such as Swiss, German Wings, Schwarzkopf, Immoscout 24, or Post AG.


Animation: Peter Böving

Author: Edmund Stoiber

Germany 2010, 5:40 min

“@ -mund” documents the authenticity of Edmund Stoiber’s “Transrapid speech” with a wink and tries to uncover the circumstances that led to the well-known disturbances during the speech.