South Andean Poetics and Resistance

In the decision to remain silent lies radical disobedience, and it is from this radical disobedience that these four films have emerged. Their various poetics, contexts, shapes and ways of production demonstrate above all freedom and autonomy with regards to what we may expect of a film, the way it should be produced and who should produce it or have the power to do so. Herein lies their resistance. The program is curated and presented by the chilean writer and journalist Naomi Orellana.



Direction: Delia Yujra

Bolivia 2020, 5:15 min


Espacio Sagrado (Sacred Space)

Direction: Felipe Esparza 18:51

Peru 2016, 22:11 min


Fenómenos extraordinarios (Extraordinary Phenomena)

Direction: Colectivo CEIS 8



Jardín de piedra (Stone Garden)

Direction: Gustavo Salvador Fontán

Argentina, 18:00 min