Song of the Flies

An Iteration of violence. A 3-part animated film by Ana Maria Vallejo in collaboration with nine Colombian women artists. Inspired by the book of poems by Colombian Poet Maria Mercedes Carranza (1945–2003).

      Saturday, May 21st
      Kino mon ami
      2 pm / 7,- €, 5,- €
      (Tickets available at the theater box office)

The Song of the flies

Director: Ana María Vallejo

A 3-part film by Ana Maria Vallejo in collaboration with nine colombian women artists.

Funded by the Thüringer Staatskanzlei and Kreativfonds der Bauhaus Universität.
Inspired by the book of poems by Maria Mercedes Carranza. Germany, Colombia, Czech Republic 2021.

OV with german subtitles

Animation: Alejandra Arboleda, Laura Delgado, Sandra Reyes, Catalina Giraldo Vélez, Diana Menestrey S., Bibiana Rojas Gómez, Cecilia Traslaviña, Ana Maria Vallejo

Sound Design: Carolina Lucio
Music: Manuela Puerto

The experimental animation film “The Song of the Flies / El Canto de las Moscas” translates audiovisually the devastation caused by the violence of the armed conflict in Colombia through María Mercedes Carranza’s (1945–2003) poetic voice as well as the dialogue between 9 Colombian women artists.

In 24 chapters that span the day (morning, day, evening), a map of terror is drawn from 24 massacres that took place in Colombia in the 1990s. Archival images, the artists’ personal recollections, and the recurring use of loops bring to life the landscapes ravaged by violence, creating a polyphony of memory and grief, a universal song of pain.


“The Song of the Flies” is a three-part collaborative animated film – Morning, Day, Night – that can be shown either as independent films of 15 minutes each or as a triptych of 44 minutes in length.


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