World Mirror of Poetry

In “World Mirror of Poetry” the audience travels in short documentaries around the globe to take a poetic look at the state of the world.

Fr. 31.05.2024, 3 pm

at mon ami cinema (Goetheplatz, 11)


Sat. 1.06.2024, 1:30 pm
at Lichthaus cinema (am Kirschberg, 4)

*The playlist will be online from 31 May to 15 June. You’ll receive the password when your ticket is purchased.
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The Settler

Direction: Welket Bungué

Text: Paulo Tambá Bunguê

Brazil 2023, 4:18 min

A human body moves through nature. Body kinetics mixed with creative contemplation underlaid by narrative syncope of an ecology of relationships, existentialism and philosophical thought converted into filmic language. How can we find in the image, the codes that essentially aggregate the relationship between the human-animal-ontological, and nature-essence?

Listen to the Sea

Direction & Text: Jules Ronfard

Canada 2024, 5:15 min

Roots, memories, childhood, youth of course. But what else? Film and autobiography in black and white. It is a musical, visual and auditory stroll through the town of Trouville in Normandy up to its pier.


Direction: Axel Clévenot

Text: Sigurdur Ingolfsson

Iceland 2023, 4:20 min

An artistic and graphic dive into an art book where the voice of the Icelandic poet Sigurður Ingólfsson and the visual creation of the French painter Bernard Alligand are mixed.


Direction & Text: Marco Espirito Santo

Portugal 2023, 1:51 min

It is May 6th, 2023, the day of the Coronation of King Charles III in London, and a young man calls Emergency Medical Services claiming the whole thing is making him feel unwell. “Thronebosis” imagines this scenario, making use of manipulated news footage of the day’s events mixed with animation to illustrate the man’s concerns in a punk-infused poetic form.

The Apple and the Tree

Direction: Andja Arnebäck, Sara Garib

Text: Sara Garib

Sweden 2024, 3:40 min

The apple and the tree. A meeting between a poet and a man who runs a grocery store in Sweden. A poem was written about sacrifices and when family life and work life are woven together.

Within the Minutes of an Advert

Direction: Gabriele Nugara

Text: Christian Sinicco

Germany/Italy 2023, 1:47 min

What can the Western conscience say about the humanitarian disaster of migrants who are swallowed up by the sea in the hope of reaching a new land, a new life? Through the words of the poet Sinicco, a brief reckoning takes place in the minutes of an advert.

Wind-up Doll

Direction: Maxime Coton

Text: Forough Farrokhzad

Belgium/Iran 2024, 4:00 min

The great Iranian poetess Forough Farrokhzad soars above us in this mesmerizing short film.

The Master of the Swamps

Direction & Text: Sasha Svirsky

Germany/Russia 2023, 4:07 min

The film is devoted to Russian emperor Peter the Great, who lived in the late 17th and 18th centuries and brutally westernized the country. He aspired to build a great empire and considered this goal worth paying any price. Centuries have passed since his reign, but the last events show us that his bloody dream still contaminates people’s minds in Russia. The weird heritage of the distant past is haunting us as a crappy horror under its familiar mythologized disguise. And glorious pictures of glorious historical figures encourage modern cosplayers to bring this horror into our present.

The Silence We Speak

Direction & Text: Denise Lee

Germany 2023, 8:33 min

The Silence We Speak’ considers the different languages that play a role in the filmmaker’s life and the stories behind her relationship with them. Each language carries traces of her own movement across distances, global hierarchies, familial loss and cultural shifts. The free-verse poetry was developed in tandem with the sound design and arrangement of personal archive footage from Hong Kong, USA, Japan and Germany to create an interwoven mixed-media piece.


Direction: Kathleen Mantel

Text: Amber Esau

New Zealand 2023, 4:49 min

Whirlflow is a short film about breaking out of the circles that have tried to capture us.


Direction: Douglas Seth Ridloff

Text: Douglas Ridloff

USA 2023, 3:16 min

The hearing community has, through the course of history, treated the Deaf community as a particularly undesirable species of weed. Hearing aids, cochlear implants, speech education, the marginalization of signed languages, sterilization programs, and now even the use of CRISPR gene splicing technology, are all attempts to remove or correct the Deaf weeds in humanity’s garden. Crab theory is a major and ongoing discussion in the Deaf community due to the intensity of the internalized oppression felt by group insiders who have often been intentionally isolated from their peers and language models. This poem uses the metaphor of unwanted weeds as a way to process that history and reframe the community as a stubbornly resilient population, capable of growth and beauty.

The Torrid Zone

Direction: Carine Iriarte

Text: Tania Haberland

France 2023, 2:31 min

This video poem is an eco-artivist, eco-erotic recalling of what luscious living occurs in the so-called torrid zones of our Earth’s bodies and waters and also our earthly and watery bodies. It is the secretions, the spit, the saliva, the semen, the sap, the waters of life, the ocean and the bodily fluids of animals and of flowers that can be spells, spelling, reconnection. This ecopoetic ode is a reclaiming of the Global South out of Aristotle categorisations and labels.