World Mirror of Poetry

“¡Vivan las Antipodas! / Long live the antipodes!” was the title of a much-acclaimed documentary film by the Russian director Victor Kossakovsky years ago. Inspired by this film, we travel around the globe in leaps and contradictions to capture a glimpse of the state of the world and poetry.

Virus Dream

Director: Inti Gallardo

Author: Rike Bolte

Colombia 2020, 2:50 min

Life seen through the microscope of dreaming images: does a virus belong to the living part of the world? What have we ever learned about it?

Salty Pie

Director & Author: Caroline Rumley

USA 2019, 2:38 min

People in the US like to spend Thanksgiving Day with family, but with the ever-increasing rise of blatant racism, traveling home for food and football becomes impossible as political views collide.

Living Pages - a cinepoem

Animator & Author: Maxime Coton

Belgium 2019, 11 min

“Living Pages” is an original poem that is expressed while being contemplated. It is a new form that materializes, in real-time, the mental images generated by the user and conveyed by words. Although “Living Pages” is first and foremost a visual, sound and spatial experience in which the viewer is led to feel rather than understand, form and content are inextricable. Indeed, the whispered verses interact with the visual environment to explore how technology transforms us on the one hand.  On the other hand, we can still marvel in a world dominated by algorithms.

Eklota-Dar (Tremor)

Director & Author: Ramesh Laxmanrao Holbole

India 2019, 5:00 min

This long-shot film explores the tremor that morning brings in the lives of a group of labourers, visually recreating Sabeer Haka’s poem Eklauta Dar/ My only fear.

as the breath is

Director & Author: Endre Farkas

Canada 2020, 6:46 min

A day in the life and death of breath.


Director: David Bickley

Author: Paul Casey

Ireland 2019, 2:04 min

The focus of this work is Carrafeen salt marsh in West Cork, an intertidal zone that represents a distinct liminal space; twice a day in six-hourly cycles, the sea envelopes the land, diluting freshwater rivers and creating dynamic salty conditions that are; nursery grounds for fish, buffer zones for erosion and gigantic carbon sinks. The music is by the director/editor, David Bickley and the Poem is by Cork poet Paul Casey – inspired by the ancient marsh that lies under the City of Cork. Read by Aidan Stanley and drone piloted by Elgan Loane.

Facing Water

Animation: Daphna Awadish

Author: Amir Lev

Israel 2019, 2:54 min

Amit discovered the sea in a diving course and fell in love. The quiet, the water, the calmness, nature- it all came together and the sea returned that love to him.

Based on a poem by Zelda.

A short film in memory of Amit Yeori. The film is a part of the project “A Face. The Day. A Memorial.“ by the Avi Chai Foundation.

Big Data

Directors & Authors: Diego Bonilla, Rodolfo Mata

Mexiko 2019, 4:07 min

While the advertising industry heralds the use of digital communication technologies as a form of individual empowerment and self-efficacy, people’s interactions with their devices are also proving to have significant negative effects on society. The poem is situated in the near future, when the collection of personal information will be achieved by individual activities online, by the contributions carried out by other people, and through sensors that are part of the Internet of Things. The personal data, aggregated, will be processed at very high speeds with the assistance of artificial intelligence. As it happens in this generative video poem (, unique pieces of audiovisual media will be created on-the-fly to achieve persuasive objectives based on individual profiles. The combination between the massive collection of personal data and its subsequent statistical processing, aimed at achieving persuasive objectives, will push us towards a terrible reality. Ultimately, the logic of statistics will be used to define human existence individually and socially in a deterministic way and, unfortunately, it will be guided mostly by commercial interests.

Bahay Kubo (Nipa Hut)

Animator & Author: Sophia Brillantes

Philippines 2018, 2:17 min

“Bahay Kubo” (Nipa Hut) is a Filipino folk song that talks about a vegetable garden surrounding the nipa hut, but to make it more interesting, I related it with love and how to move on.


Director: Alexis Rummler

Authors: Alexis Rummer, Jason Aly

Greece 2020, 2:48 min

Stillness in our hearts, stillness in the city. A ”visual poetry” short movie on what it was like to be isolated in a crowded city and for humans who want to dream again.


Voices Within

Directors: Hisham Bustani, Kazz Torabyeh

Author: Hisham Bustani

Jordan 2019, 6:52 min

“Voices Within” is an exploration of internal and external spaces of existence, as they interact, engage, and depart. The poem by Hisham Bustani, and its audiovisual translation-reinvention by Kazz Torabyeh subtly touch on the contradictions that result from estrangement and alienation in contemporary standardized post-consumerist cities; modern dwellings that substitute warm and sincere environments with commercial, soulless “landscaped” conglomerations, releasing societies into a futile maze of rotation, fragmenting them in the process to lost individuals with malformed memories.

The Absence of Light

Director: Jim Stephenson

Author: LionHeart

GB 2020, 1:30 min

LionHeart is a poet and a spoken word performer. Over time, and working closely with architects and those who inhabit their buildings, his research has explored Architecture & Poetry’s relationship around emotional inhabitance, and its connection to memory and mental health.

In this short film, a collaboration with architectural film maker Jim Stephenson, LionHeart reads his poem “The Absence of Light”, written after his discussion with architectural designer Lisa Martinez.<
Photo by: Ali Tollervey


Animator & Author: Sofia Gutman

France 2019, 1:53 min

It’s Autumn, birds are migrating to a warmer climate.
On the gray streets of Paris, illegal immigrants are selling shoes.
Winter is near.

The first feeling in my life

Director: Kazuma Yano

Author: Shuntaro Tanikawa

Japan 2017, 7:27 min

Unforgettable tears…when the sky appeared to be higher.


Directors: Marcos Bonisson, Khalil Charif

Author: Fausto Fawcett

Brazil 2019, 9:37 min

A film made from a collage of current digital and archival images in Super 8, set in the Copacabana as an epicenter of intercultural, social and sensory experiences. This is an experimental work narrated by the powerful speech of the poet Fausto Fawcett and scored by the musician Arnaldo Brandão.