The Poetryfilmkanal is an international online magazine that aims to promote the exchange of ideas and information on the poetry film genre. It started in 2015 as a cooperation project between the professorship for multimedia narration at the Bauhaus University Weimar and the Literary Society Thuringia e. V. and was founded by Aline Helmcke and Guido Naschert.

Examples of the cinematic adaptation of poems or the poetic-associative design of short films with reference to poetry can be found since the beginning of film history. With the developement of new media, a global poetry film movement has emerged over the past two decades. A growing number of festivals and calls, seminars, blogs and publications have made the field confusing.

The poetry film channel wants to provide information in this wild field, initiate dialogue and contribute to the formation of concepts. An international festival calendar and regular information on calls are intended to make the production and reception channels for poetry films more transparent. In the ›Film of the Month‹ section, we present particularly valuable poetry films. The poetry film channel endeavors to connect relevant web content, convey basic knowledge about the history of the genre in a timeline and provide references. In addition, the poetry film channel pursues specific topics over a longer period of time.




All contributions to the Poetryfilmkanal are archived in a graphically designed edition. The Poetryfilm Magazin is also available in a free flipbook and PDF version. Libraries and enthusiasts have the opportunity to purchase a printed copy (9-10 €, plus shipping costs).





Faszination Poetryfilm?

Ausgabe 01 (Januar 2016)

Ton und Voice-over

Ausgabe 02 (Oktober 2016)

Typografie und das Wort im Bild

Ausgabe 03 (Oktober 2017)

Poetryfilm als Kunst

Ausgabe 04 (Januar 2019)

Das Kino der Poesie

Ausgabe 05 (November 2020)