In recent years Thuringia has developed into a hot spot for poetry film.

Since 2014, at the Bauhaus University professionals and students have explored the connection between moving images and poetry and produced a larger number of poetic animations.

An international online magazine ( has been published since 2015.

Since 2016, the backup_short film_festival, the professorship for multimedia narration at the Bauhaus University and the Literary Society of Thuringia are organizing the competition “Weimar Poetry Film Award”.

At the moment two ambitious collaborative poetry films projects are proceeding in Weimar.

Last but not least “Klötzchenkino” (brick cinema) is located in the small Thuringian town of Neudietendorf. This highly successful company of Peter Böving won a lot of national and international awards.

We are going to present this exciting projects soon more detailed.


Weiße Wildnis

Der ca. 15-minütige Kurzfilm „Weiße Wildnis“ (AT) ist ein animierter Experimentalfilm, der auf dem gleichnamigen lyrischen Text der Thüringer Lyrikerin Daniela Danz basiert und ihm künstlerisch antwortet. Die Entwicklung des Projekts geschieht in enger Zusammenarbeit zwischen sechs Filmemacherinnen aus Weimar und Leipzig und der Autorin Daniela Danz.