In recent years Thuringia has developed into a hot spot for poetry film. And this in several respects: Since 2014, at the Bauhaus University professionals and students have explored the connection between moving images and poetry and produced a larger number of poetic animations. An international online blog “Poetry Film Magazine” has been published since 2015. Since 2016, the Literary Society of Thuringia and its partners from the Bauhaus University are organizing the competition “Weimar Poetry Film Award”.

Furthermore “Klötzchenkino” (brick cinema) is located in the small Thuringian town of Neudietendorf. This highly successful company of Peter Böving won a lot of national and international awards.

Last but not least, two major collaborative poetry films are currently being created: “El Canto de las Moscas/The Song of the Flies” adapts the poetry of Colombian author María Mercedes Carranza, and the film “Weiße Wildnis” (“White Wilderness”) deals with a poetic text by Thuringian poet Daniela Danz.

El Canto de las Moscas / The Song of the Flies

The experimental animation film “The Song of the Flies” / “El Canto de las Moscas” translates audiovisually the devastation caused by the violence of the armed conflict in Colombia through María Mercedes Carranza’s (1945-2003) poetic voice as well as the dialogue between 9 Colombian women artists.


Weiße Wildnis / White Wilderness

The approx. 15-minute short film “White Wilderness” is an animated experimental film based on and artistically responding to the lyrical text of the same name by the Thuringian poet Daniela Danz. The project is developed in close collaboration between six filmmakers from Weimar and Leipzig and the author Daniela Danz.