Official Selection

The program committee nominated 12 short films for the “Weimar Poetry Film Award”. The selected works arrived from Nepal, UK, Portugal, Mexico, Austria, Norway and Germany. The international jury, consisting of Anna Eijsbouts, Nora Fleischer, and Moritz Gause, will award the two main prizes of 1200 Euro each for the best animated film and the best live-action film.

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Focus Israel

New Hebrew poetry in Germany  
Book presentation, Reading and talk

Letters to Letters
Film Screening

Alan Bern & Sasha Lurje
Concert with Yiddish songs

“The Young Kadyas”
Film screening & discussion

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Letters to letters

A poetic visual journey from the Hebrew of the Bible to the Hebrew of today.

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German Language Poetry Films

The program presents an additional selection of films in German and underscores the importance that poetry film has gained in the short film genre.

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World Mirror of Poetry

In our program „World mirror of poetry“ we are travelling around the globe in leaps and contradictions to capture a glimpse of the state of the world and its poetry.

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“Song of the Flies”

a German-Colombian poetry film project

An animation project produced in Weimar and supported by our festival. We will talk with the filmmakers about the process and production of the film, which was inspired by the book of poems with the same name by the Colombian poet Maria Mercedes Carranza.
The talk will be moderated by Rike Bolte.

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South Andean Poetics and Resistance

In the decision to remain silent lies radical disobedience, and it is from this radical disobedience that these films have emerged.

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The Art of Videohaiku

Video haikus are small-format poetry films in which the form of the haiku is visually interpreted and adapted. During a workshop with the filmmaker Ana María Vallejo, the genre was explored artistically and the participants produced its own films.

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Online Meetings



Trailer Time!

Less than a week to go before the International PoetryFilm Festival of Thuringia starts. Until then, we have a trailer for you to get a glimpse of what’s waiting for you.

The International PoetryFilm Festival of Thuringia 2021 will take place from 23-26 September online and in Situ in Weimar. Films are available online until 30th September.

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Program now online!

Our programme overview is here!

Poetry films from all over the world, music, workshops, lectures, interviews, meetings and the sixth edition of our international competition.

In the overview you will find all information about the events – what, when and where!

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Tickets are now available!

Tickets are now on sale for the Poetry Film Festival 2021! Get your ticket now for only 8€. Click here to proceed to our ticket shop!

You will get access to the online festival, which will be available on our website for 1 week from 23 September. 

With your ticket you can watch all films of the competition including the special programmes and have access to ZOOM talks and interviews.

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Congratulations to the nominees!

Thank you very much for the 600 submissions from all over the world! In this year’s official selection we have 12 films from 7 different countries! The official selection for the competition can be watched online and in Weimar during the Award Ceremony on the 25th of September.