About Us

The “International Poetry Film Festival of Thuringia” is a new annual festival dedicated to the genres of poetry film and video poetry. The center of the festival is the presentation of the Weimar Poetry Film Award.

The aim of the festival is to stimulate and perpetuate the exchange between filmmakers and authors in Thuringia and Central Germany. Weimar as a place of literature and art, and as the city of great poets lends itself particularly well to such a competition.

The “Poetryfilmtage” emerged from the backup_festival of the Bauhaus University Weimar and are now a partner festival of the same. The poetry film scene in Weimar is characterized by the close connection between an international festival, its own film production and an online magazine (Poetryfilmkanal).

TEAM 2021

Aline Helmcke

Festival Direction, Curation

Aline is a filmmaker and animator with many years of experience with poetry film. With Guido Naschert she founded the poetryfilm magazine and curates the competition of the poetry film award, and supports the selection of the international and German programs. She lives and works in Leipzig. https://ahelmcke.com/


Ana Maria Vallejo

Festival Director, Social Media coordinator, Curator of “The Art of Videohaiku”

Ana is an animator and filmmaker. She loves papercuts, collage and experimental films. She’s in charge of the special program “Poéticas y resistencias Surandinas“, the coordination of the online talks and of the social media team. This year again she’s giving the two-day-hands-on-workshop “The Art of Videohaiku”. The films produced in it will be shown during the online festival. She’s co-founder of the Weimar Animation Club. http://anavallejo.de/

Photo: Alejandra Arévalo


Catalina Giraldo Vélez

Festival Direction, Production and Visual Design

Catalina is a visual designer and animator and part of the direction team where she takes care of keeping all strings together in the planning of the festival. In addition, she also coordinates our design team and takes care of the web design. She’s co-founder of the Weimar Animation Club. https://gatomonodesign.com/

Photo: Alejandra Arévalo

Guido Naschert

Festival Direction, International competition, Literarische Gesellschaft Thüringen e.V.

Guido is the festival’s director and manages the Literary Society of Thuringia, the “Literarische Gesellschaft Thüringen e. V.”.

Together with Aline Helmcke he founded the poetryfilm magazine and curates the Weimar Poetry Film Award, as well as the international and German programs. https://www.literarische-gesellschaft.de/

Photo: Alejandra Arévalo

Juliane Fuchs

Festival Direction

Juliane coordinated for many years the Film Institute of the Bauhaus University Weimar and co-founded the former backup_festival at the University. She supports our team with her many years of experience in festival organization and in the film industry.

Photo: Alejandra Arévalo

Jessica Krecisz

Poetry Film-Networking

Jessica is a media artist and filmmaker. Her work explores and mixes fiction, documentary and animation. Shiro is a fluffy Samoyed who never leaves her side. This year she supports us with networking and the festival coordination.

Photo: Daša Geiger

Maria Fernanda Sánchez

Graphic Design

Maria is a visual identity graphic designer, visual artist and illustrator who also loves filmmaking. She created our beautiful visual identity for the last two years.

Photo: Alejandra Arévalo

Alejandra Arévalo

Grafik Design Trainee & Photo

Alejandra is a photographer and recently graduated from Bauhaus University Weimar in Visual Communication. She is one of our two interns and supports Catalina with graphic design.



Emelie Schöpe

Social Media & Communication Trainee

Emelie is studying Media Culture at Bauhaus University Weimar and developed a great interest in poetry film after taking part of a Poetry Film course with Catalina. She supports the festival with social media postings and communication.

Photo: Alejandra Arévalo

Sandra Reyes

Video Editing and Film Screening

Meet Sandra! She’s an independent filmmaker and passionate about animation, storytelling, image and sound. During the festival she is in charge of video editing and has the mission of the screening projection in situ at Lichthaus Kino.

Photo: Alejandra Arévalo

Bitghost (Sebastian Giraldo)

Sound Design & Music

Bitghost is an electronic music project from Bogotá, Colombia. Producing mostly Techno oriented tracks his style is very eclectic, going sometimes to Drum and Bass, Trip Hop or Footwork. Bitghost produces all music tracks and creates the sound design for our trailer and during the screenings at the theater.

Spotify Kanal

Nicolás Concha

Web development

Rokzog is in charge of web development and takes care that our website works without problems.


Anne Rudolph


Anne Rudolph has always preferred a heavy thesaurus over a hefty thriller, shares the sentiment that Dykes to Watch Out For is as important a tome as a good Spanish reference book, and strongly believes in hunting typos – not foxes.

Photo: Henrietta Creedy

Franka Sachse

Franka is an animating animator and an independent filmmaker. As teacher at School of Art and Design Kassel and as an artistic assistant at Bauhaus-University Weimar she is animating young talents to animate. She’s co-founder of the Weimar Animation Club. With her writing talent she supports the festival in the area of communications. www.instagram.com/frankasachse/

Photo: Alejandra Arévalo